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Trial Lawyers Provide a Voice for Personal Injury Victims

Trial Lawyers Provide a Voice for Victims

If you are an injured victim, it is highly likely that you are going up against an insurance carrier.  You can be sure that the insurance carrier has lawyers working for them. They have lawyers writing insurance policies, evaluating claims, and defending claims.  The insurance carriers have billions of dollars at their disposal, and they utilize this money in defending claims, hiring lobbyists to enact laws in their favor, hiring lawyers to appeal cases to make favorable case law on their behalf, and making sure that the cards are stacked in their favor.  Who do you have working for you to ensure that your voice is heard?

At Jordan & Associates we pride ourselves on the fact that we are Trial Lawyers.  Far too often we see commercials and other advertisements for law firms that say they can get you the best “settlement”. Typically, that is all they do, settle cases.  Unfortunately there are many firms that do not try cases, and many do not even litigate cases.  The insurance carriers know who these law firms are. If your lawyer is known for an unwillingness to try cases, the insurance carriers know this too, and your voice is effectively silenced.  The insurance carrier will never offer fair value on your case in the event you hire a firm that does not take cases to trial. Why?  There is no risk to the insurance carrier.

Most of our clients have no interest in going into a courtroom and sitting through a trial.  It is often times an uncertain and scary proposition.  If you are an injured victim, the best possible way to settle a case for fair value is to retain a lawyer that does take cases to trial.  The insurance carriers thrive on assessing risk.  Without risk, there is no way an insurance carrier will ever take your case seriously.

Personal Representation and Individual Attention

At Jordan & Associates, we also pride ourselves on the ability to provide personal representation and individual attention to our clients.  We strongly believe that clients should be able to speak directly to their attorney.  Far too often we hear nightmare stories where a person retains an attorney, and yet rarely receives a simple returned telephone call from their counsel.  We find that to be totally unacceptable.

We are highly selective in the cases we take.  The reason for this is simple.  It is virtually impossible for a lawyer to effectively represent hundreds of personal injury cases at a time.  If you are seeking a law firm to represent you for your injuries, ask them “how many cases do they have, and how many attorneys are working those cases”.  If the amount of cases one attorney handles is too burdensome on that attorney, then your case will wind up as “just another file”on that attorney’s desk.  That is the typical reason for unreturned phone calls, and unresponsive ineffective counsel.  Your case is already “just another file” to the insurance carrier.  You should demand, and deserve, an attorney that is providing personal representation on your case.